Sunday, July 18, 2010

Sophie's Visit

Sophie burst on the scene a bundle of energy and love. (Sophie is Christy’s new puppy; and Christy is my friend Anne’s daughter. The three stopped for a special visit yesterday.)

Mom and Sophie formed an instant bond. Even Annie loved the new little visitor (even if she did take Sophie’s squeaky duck and growl at me when I tried to get her to leave it for a walk). She loved the duck toy.

Sophie climbed right up on Mom’s lap and kissed her. Mom loved it. There’s nothing like a little puppy love.

We left Annie and the duck under the dining room table while the rest of us went for a very warm walk.

We enjoyed our visitors very much.

Mom and I finished Ken Gire’s book God’s Weathering Grace. Ken is a speaker from our Wind River Ranch Days. (See previous post for more information on Ken's book)

After supper we watched a movie.

It was a good Saturday.

Bill and I got caught in some wild storms on the way home from Woodbury – an experience I’m sure we won’t soon forget. We arrived home safely and were very thankful for safe passage through the storm.

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